Canada’s untapped fishing and hunting destination!

As an avid angler and hunter I, like most, am always looking for that place where fish and wildlife are plentiful and there is not much pressure from other outdoorsman. Living in Ontario does give me plenty of options, but travel time to reach the most pristine locations can take you on 18- to 24-hour drives!

I don’t know about you but less time spent driving means more time for fishing and hunting!

So where can a person looking for pristine wilderness and untapped hunting and fishing opportunities go without spending two days in a car? How does the heart of Canada’s East Coast sound?

Moose, black bear, deer, Atlantic salmon, striper, bass, muskie you pretty much name it and New Brunswick has it! Just a day’s drive or even a short flight will have you smack dab in the heart of the Maritimes with access to incredible hunting and fishing. I personally take advantage of the Spring bear season and the awesome salmon and trout fishing the northern parts of New Brunswick offers, but I have also had the privilege to experience the bass, striper and muskie fishing in the southern region and even shark fishing in the Bay of Fundy.

New Brunswick truly does offer it all including spectacular scenery and landmarks like the Hartland Bridge, Reversing Rapids and The Hopewell Rocks. Truly a world class destination for outdoorsman: it’s friendly, close to home and more than affordable.

Do yourself a favour and experience it for yourself. New Brunswick truly is Canada’s untapped fishing and hunting destination!

Mike Miller

Angler and Hunter TV

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