My Bear Hunting Experience

Dick Scorzafava, Tourism New Brunswick, Canada

I'm the editor of Bear Hunting magazine and the host of the Award Winning television show, The Radical Hunter on Sportsman Channel, and travel all over the world in pursuit of trophy animals each year. The Eastern Canadian Province of New Brunswick has always been one of my favorite bear hunting destinations because they have some of the best bear hunting opportunities in North America. They also have many quality outfitters that do a fantastic job of putting their clients on trophy animals.

It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world and the people are always very friendly and helpful. Everywhere I have traveled in New Brunswick it has been a wonderful experience that has given me some lasting memories that I will never forget. I have made many friends over the years with the guides and outfitters in New Brunswick. When you arrive at one of these great guiding operations as a client and leave feeling like one of the family it’s very special. If you haven't been there make sure to put it on your list of places to visit and I guarantee you will create some of your own spectacular memories to cherish.

I hunted at Hanscome Outdoor Adventures last fall and couldn't believe all the different game animals I saw on the trip. I was so impressed with how this operation functions and the spectacular surrounding landscape that I selected it for our Grand Prize Giveaway trip on my television. I truly believe I found a little spot in heaven there.

Dick Scorzafava

Editor Bear Hunting Magazine

Host of the award-winning television show The Radical Hunter

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